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Saber Khan

Middle and high school Computer Science teacher, Processing Foundation Fellow for K12 CS Outreach, New York City.

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Greg Beutler

He is currently the director of an afterschool coding program and a High School Computer Science Teacher at Oakland Unity High School.

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Eric Wild

I have been working in the field of Educational Technology for the last 15 years. I have always enjoyed the intersection of art and technology and feel blessed to teach these skills at the K-12 level. I am skilled in the areas of 3D design, game design, photography, illustration, video production, keyframe animation, web design, and programming.

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Scott Gruber

is a designer and developer building an ethical design practice grounded in accessibility, performance and aesthetics. He has twenty-years experience using digital tools to create across a wide-range of media. He works at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

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Maxwell Bigman

Computer Science Teacher, Immaculate Heart High School, Los Angeles.

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Christina Jenkins

Program Director, Project H Design, Berkeley.

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Art Simon

I've been teaching Processing since 2008

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Rushali Paratey

Currently based in Los Angeles, I'm an Artist + Engineer amalgamating Arts, Design and Technology in my work. I am a software developer/technologist at Alchemy - a startup.


Research Resident @ New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program

Producer @ Solutions Zone of Coal+Ice

Creative Technologist @ Midnight Commercial

UX Designer @

I also love goofing around with animation and photography sometimes!

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Xiaohan Zhang

uses algorithms and math to make art, music, and games. Inspired by physics and biology, his work is interactive: it detects the viewer and changes in response to their actions, creating an iterative feedback loop of play. Specializing in web experiences and immersive environments, he hopes that the viewer may find insight to the underlying forces that govern our lives. He exhibits and hosts workshops with organizations such as Gray Area, CODAME, UC Berkeley, and Stanford, as well as in online exhibitions such as The Wrong biennale. Find him online at

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Ryan Gallagher

has worked in educational technology at independent schools in New York City and the Bay Area for over 15 years. Prior to that, Ryan held various leadership roles at technology startups. He is currently the Director of Educational Technology at San Francisco Friends School.

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Zoë Wood

Whether it is creating computer graphics models of underwater shipwrecks or using art and creativity to help students learn computational thinking, Professor Zoë Wood’s projects unite visual arts, mathematics and computer science. Via her NSF funded research projects she works with colleagues and students on robotics and computer graphics algorithms for shipwreck discovery and mapping which resulted in the discovery of a rare World War 2 airplane wreck. She works to increase the number of underrepresented students in her field through research projects, outreach activities and advising the student group Women Involved in Software and Hardware (W.I.S.H.). As co-founder of the interdisciplinary minor, Computing for the Interactive Arts, she believes in empowering students to realize their artistic visions via coding.

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Richard Johnston

Richard Johnston began his teaching career in 1993 and has taught Mathematics at SBHS since 1998. Richard pioneered the Principles/Introduction to CS course in 2011. He envisioned a computer science program at SBHS that would open doorways into fields of study ranging from the arts to engineering. Richard assumed the role of Director of the CSA in 2016. His hope is to create opportunities for all students to learn to code because he believes every student needs to be able to read, write, do mathematics, and develop code in the modern world.

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Cassie Tarakajian

Software Developer and Creative Technologist, Co-Founder Girlfriends Labs, Brooklyn.

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Stephen Lewis

Computer Science Teacher, Abraham Joshua Heschel School, New York.

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Saskia Leggett

Saskia works at the intersection of education, creativity, and technology, focusing on building and managing learning experiences, products, resources, and strategy.

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Rademés Anja

Radamés Ajna works as an instructor and developer within the interactive team at YR media. He teaches and develops interactive web applications in collaboration with young people, using computer science education as a form of civic empowerment. As an artist/creative technologist/educator, he's dedicated his practice to advocating for digital literacy and critical use of technology. He has worked within media arts in many different countries, most recently at FACT in Liverpool, UK.

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Kelly Lougheed

teaches computer science in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Computer Science Education at the College of St. Scholastica and previously earned a certificate in Software Development and Programming from UC Berkeley. She writes coding tutorials online at and enjoys learning new technologies.

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Dexter Shepard

Creative Coder and Artist based in Los Angeles.

Instructor at Calarts MTIID, Engineering at Kadenze.

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Aankit Patel

Senior Director of Computer Science Academics, NYC Department of Education

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Anderson Harp

Department Chair CSE, Computer Science & Engineering Teacher, Browning School, New York City.

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J.D. DeVaughn-Brown

J.D. DeVaughn-Brown is a computer science teacher at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes. J.D. attended North Carolina State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and did research in serious gaming. He then obtained his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts. At UMass J.D. worked under Beverly Woolf, doing research in Intelligent Tutoring Systems. His focus was on developing an ITS designed for gifted and high-achieving students. J.D. has implemented project-based learning in a variety of settings from a university to summer camps to a K-12 school and is passionate about teaching students service through computer science.


Angi Chau

is an educator, maker, engineer/computer scientist, code and data visualization enthusiast. She created and directed the maker program at Castilleja School in Palo Alto and is currently the Interim Director of the Innovation Lab (I-Lab) at Nueva School. She frequently facilitates workshops for educators in the realm of maker education and has been a senior fellow for Agency by Design Oakland. Above all else, she is unabashed in her love of coding, especially when it can make lights blink, create beautiful patterns, and/or do things one doesn't expect code to do.

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Kevin Workman

works at Google by day, and runs in his free time. He's also active on the Processing and P5.js tags on Stack Overflow, as well as the Processing forum. If you've posted a question about Processing or P5.js on the internet, chances are you've talked to Kevin!

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Jolina Clement

Educational Technology, Computer Science, Equity and Inclusion.

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Jeff Olson

Director of Education, Upperline Code, New York City.

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Rhazes Spell

Department Chair of I-Track, Geffen Academy at UCLA, Los Angeles.

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Nicholas Smith

Nicholas "Shadrach" Smith is an avid beatmaker and an Instructional Technology Coach at a progressive independent school in Los Angeles. Before becoming an educator, he spent years working in every aspect of the music industry. From sound engineering, to working at a label, he has had his hands in several hit records that you are probably familiar with. Smith enjoys exploring creative methods of "making magic out of the mundane", including working with deliberate design constraints to create unique results and solutions. Smith stands behind #CSforALL and #ethicalCS while constantly discovering (and teaching) the many parallels between hip hop, technology, and education.