CC Fest LA


CC Fest is back in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 27, at Crossroads School from 10 am to 3 pm. This event welcomes all middle and high school students and teachers. Elementary school students need to come with a parent.


Keynote by Jo Wright

Jo Wright is a video game designer with over 20 years experience in the games industry, currently working as Design Line Manager at DICE Los Angeles. Originally from the UK, she moved to Los Angeles in 1999. Jo went to an all-girls middle and high school and was introduced to electronics and making, but dissuaded from her interest in computing because it was considered unsuitable for girls. She is passionate about increasing diversity in tech and games, from encouraging under-represented candidates to join tech, as well as making the industry a welcoming and safe place for everyone to work and express themselves.


Keynote by Evelyn Masso

Evelyn Masso is a person (all the time), a developer+designer (on weekdays), and a poet (on weekends). She’s taught classes at UCLA Extension about design and technology and currently works on GitHub Desktop as a software engineer. She is a 2019 p5.js Fellow.

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Crossroads School, 1714 21st Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404