CC Fest

CC Fest is a platform for students and teachers to engage in creative coding. Come spend a day making interactive and engaging digital art, animation, games. Teachers will work on bringing coding projects to their classes. Students will be introduced to projects that will help build their creative portfolios.

CC Fest NYC is back on June 8, at NYU MAGNET in Brooklyn. See flyer below and register!

The flyer for CC Fest NYC - June, 8, 2019.

The flyer for CC Fest NYC - June, 8, 2019.

Keynote by Maya Man. Maya is a Brooklyn based artist and technologist. Her work explores the body and its relationship to the screen. She spends most of her time creating weird web things, dancing in studios and public spaces, and maintaining her love/hate relationship with the internet (mostly love though).

Currently, she's building experiments at the Google Creative Lab


Keynote by Nabil Hassein. Nabil is a freelance technologist and educator based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Besides working professionally as a software developer and a teacher of mathematics and programming in both public schools and private settings, Nabil participates in grassroots organizing against prisons and police in New York, and occasionally writes and speaks about the intersection between social and technical topics.

Read about the first CC Fest at NYU ITP in October 2016.